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ATTA 2021: Gewinner

Seit drei Jahren werden die American Table Top Awards (ATTA) vergeben. Es gibt dabei vier Kategorien. Die ATTA ist eine Jury, die sich aus 10 Mitgliedern zusammensetzt.

Jetzt wurden die Gewinner des Jahres 2021 bekannt gegeben (in englisch habe ich die offiziellen Kategorienbeschreibungen hinzugefügt):

Early Gamers

Games intended particularly for younger players (typically ages 12 and under) and players new to modern board games. Game duration usually runs 15 – 45 minutes.

Abandon All Artichokes | Artischocken (Gamewright|Amigo)
Autoren: Emma Larkins

Nominiert / Empfohlen

  • Dungeon Drop (Gamewright)
  • Zombie Teenz Evolution (Scorpion Masque)
  • Hues and Cues (OP Games)
  • Dragomino (Blue Orange)

Casual Games

Games that are approachable and appealing to gamers at all levels of experience. Play times typically fall into the 30-60 minute play time.

Die Crew (Kosmos)
Autor: Thomas Sing

Nominiert / Empfohlen

  • Chai (Steeped Games)
  • Rosetta: The Lost Language (Story Machine Games)
  • MonsDRAWsity (Deep Water Games)
  • Nova Luna (Edition Spielwiese)

Strategy Games

Games that take a step beyond Casual games in their complexity, planning requirements, and duration. Play time typically runs from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Calico (Flatout Games|Ravensburger)
Autorin: Kevin Russ


  • Fort (Leder Games)
  • Smartphone (Cosmosdrome Games)
  • My City (Kosmos)
  • The Search for Planet X (Foxtrot | Renegade)

Complex Games

Deeply strategic games especially appealing to experienced players. Often employ a myriad of game mechanisms and lean towards longer play times.

Dominations (Holy Grail)
Autor: Eric Dubus


  • Bonfire (HallGames | Pegasus)
  • On Mars (Eagle Gryphon | Skellig)
  • Dune: Imperium (Dire Wolf)
  • Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (Cephalofair Games)

Quelle: Homepage ATTA


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