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UK GAMES EXPO – Nominees 2023

Auf der UK GAMES EXPO wird der wichtigste britische Spielepreis vergeben. Am 9. Mai werden die Gewinner bekanntgegeben.

Hier sind die Nominierten in den verschiedenen Kategorien:

Best Abstract Game

  • Gardeners (Sit Down!)
  • Qawale (Gigamic)
  • Tiwanaku (Sit Down!)

Best Childrens Game

  • Dodo (Kosmos)
  • Potion House (Blue Orange)
  • Stomp the plank (Flying Games

Best Family Game

  • Hungry Monkey (HeidelBÄR)
  • Next Station London (Blue Orange)
  • Outrun the Bear (Around the Stump Games LLC)

Best Gaming Novelty

  • EXIT Advent Calendar Hunt for the Golden Book (Kosmos)
  • Everybody Wins: Four Decades of the Greatest Board Games Ever Made (Aconyte Books)
  • The Sorcerers‘ Enclave (Squarehex)

Best New Boardgame (American-Style)

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (Funko Games)
  • Northgard: Uncharted Land (Studio H)
  • Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood (Shadowborne Games)

Best New Boardgame (Euro-Style)

  • Earth (Inside Up Games)
  • Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory (Hegemonic Project Games)
  • Tiletum (Board&Dice)

Best New Boardgame (Strategic)

  • Amass: Battle for Resources on Planet XS (Dark Frontier Games Ltd)
  • Frostpunk: The Board Game (Glass Cannon Unplugged)
  • New Eden (Schmidt Spiele)

Best New Card Game (General)

  • Oh My. Orchids! (Origame)
  • Village Rails (Osprey Games)

Best New Card Game (Strategic)

  • Isle of Trains: All Aboard(Dranda Games)
  • Vita Mors (Play With Us Design Co., Ltd.)
  • War of the Ring – The Card Game (Ares Games)

Best New Dice Game

  • Solar Sphere (Dranda Games)
  • Star Fighters: Rapid Fire (Alley Cat Games)
  • Vengeance: Roll & Fight (Mighty Boards)

Best Party Game

  • Ensemble (Ares Games)
  • How Am I Weird ‘Square‘ (How Am I Weird Games)
  • Misfitsakn (Design)

Best Expanison

  • 7 Wonders Edifice (Repos Production)
  • Living Forest Kodama expansion (Ludonaute)
  • Roll Camera! The B-Movie Expansion (Keen Bean Studio)

Best Miniature Range

  • Dystopian Wars: Avalon Battlefleet Set (Warcradle Studios)
  • Frostgrave: Barbarians II – Figures range (Osprey Games / North Star Military Figures)
  • Moonstone – The Arising Expansion (Goblin King Games)

Best Miniature Rules

  • Five Leagues from the Borderlands (Modiphius Entertainment)
  • Moonstone – The Arising Expansion (Goblin King Games)
  • Xenos Rampant (Osprey Games)

Best Accessory

  • Dice Tomes (Artefact Games)
  • Gamegenic Token Silo (Gamegenic)
  • War of the Ring Deluxe Game Mat (Ares Games)

Best Role-playing Adventure

  • Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower (Rebellion Unplugged)
  • Adventures in Rokugan – Game Master’s Kit (Edge-Studio)
  • Blade Runner RPG Starter Set (Free League Publishing)

Best Role-playing Expansion

  • Fateforge Book 5 – Creatures: Netherworld (Studio Agate)
  • Star Trek Adventures Utopia Planitia Starfleet Sourcebook TOS Collector’s Edition (Modiphius Entertainment)
  • The One Ring™ – Ruins of the Lost Realm (Free League Publishing)

Best Role-playing Game

  • Be Like a Crow (Critical Kit Ltd)
  • Critical Foundation (Gigamic)
  • Vermin 2047 – Suvival Kit (Studio Agate)

Variants and Expansions

  • CATAN – Dawn of Humankind (CATAN Studio)
  • Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds (Rock Manor Games)
  • Unmatched Battle of Legends Volume 2 (IELLO)

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